Your Session - joanwilliamsphotography

"I hate having my picture taken!"  says Every Woman...

     Well, this is different.  My women's glamour sessions are not like any time you've ever been in front of a camera.  They are designed to celebrate and empower women of all ages.  We women today tend to accumulate so many insecurities as we watch movies and see advertisements.  In my sessions, we laugh and play and the real woman emerges.  I skillfully capture the reality of a woman's beauty and offer it back to her so that she sees what other see in her.

     You may be a nurturing, loving mother or wife, a strong and skillful business woman, a kind and generous volunteer, a beacon of light for those who enter your environment and/or an incredibly wise being for those who seek your guidance.  No matter who you are, or how you define yourself, you are a beautiful soul who just needs to be able to see just how special you are.  I would be honored to do that for you by capturing images that reflect any and all of those things.  This is your time.  This session is about you.  You deserve this.

     Depending on your needs, together we will design the type of photography session that will work best for you:



                                     *Personal Branding/Business Portraits



     It is a day of pampering and professional service.  We start with hair and makeup, wardrobe styling and a personal consultation to determine just you you are.  The photo shoot will be up to about 2 hours and will include up to 3 wardrobe changes.  It is not just a is simply an unveiling of the incredible woman you have always been.


   Regardless of the type of session, most people genuinely HATE having their picture taken.  That is why I don't "take" a picture, I "make" it.  Your session will be focused (no pun intended) on making you feel relaxed and at ease.  During your hair and makeup session, we'll talk over beverages and comforting little nibbles.  You'll get styled and looking your best as you dress for the photo session.  By that point you'll feel so good about how you look, you'll be excited to start hearing the click of the camera.  I'll guide you and help you move into sitting, standing or any position that works to accentuate your personal best.  I'll fully direct you as we laugh (and then try not to laugh) and share a wonderful experience.  As you leave the studio, you'll feel just like a movie star who has spent the day at a spa.  When you return, I'll reveal the experience in a series of fully edited images ready to cherish privately or share with family and friends.  You will also be able to order wall art of albums if you like.