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It took me a while to be able to say that comfortably.  All my life, I had loved the creativity and artistic aspects of photography.  But when I was young, film and developing were expensive and I needed to earn a living for me and my family.  So I pursued a career in Accounting (nothing artistic about that!) and later evolved into Human Resources Management.  After the many years of working in a challenging job, I retired and was fortunate enough to be able to finally  pursue my creative passions. 

Since 2012, I've been traveling all over the country studying with some of the nation's finest photographers, artists, technicians and creative people who share my passions and have been generous enough to mentor me in my pursuit.  In 2016, I was  recognized by a board of long-standing experts in the industry as a Certified Professional Photographer.  I'm one of 2 people in the St. Charles area to have that distinction.

I no longer hesitate to let people know that I am a Creative Artist.  


My "WHY"

Why would someone want to run a photography business--especially someone who has worked in a challenging job all her life and now has the good fortune to retire without the hassle of running a business?  Here is my "WHY".

---I love to watch the Moms of the babies I photograph when they see how sweet their babies look in my images.  I love that they will soon look at that same image and marvel at how quickly time passes and be so glad they got their baby's portraits made.  I love that someday the baby in the portrait will look back and see the love in the face of his or her mother in the beautiful image I made for them.  Priceless!

---I love the look in the eyes of a woman who never felt beautiful until she saw the image I made of her.  I love sharing the tears of joy as she watches the special slideshow I made of her images and realizes that she was beautiful all along.  I love knowing that whenever she feels blue or doubts herself, that she can look at the images and remember just how strong or nurturing or generous she really is because it's captured in the image.  

---I just simply love seeing the transformation in the before and after shots.  I know how great that feels.

---I love knowing that long after their mothers or grandmothers are gone, my clients will never have to wish they had taken the opportunity to have a beautiful image made with her.

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